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How To Do Emo Makeup Step By Step

In this blog post, we will be discussing How To Do Emo Makeup & Hair. We’ll break down the different styles and what products you need to achieve them. With a little time and creativity, you can create an edgy look that is perfect for any occasion!

How to do emo makeup step by step

1. Start with a clean, moisturized face

2. Apply foundation to your skin and blend out any harsh lines

3. Use a concealer on any blemishes or dark circles

4. Add some color to your cheeks with blush and contour powder

5. Line the eyes using liquid liner, mascara, and eye shadow  (optional)

6. Fill in eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or clear brow gel if needed

Emo Makeup Ideas

Emo Makeup For Boys

If you’re not into wearing makeup, don’t worry! This style looks just as good on boys. All you need is black eyeliner, dark eye shadow and some hair gel or wax to get the emo hairstyle.

1. Apply foundation to your face

2. Add a layer of concealer under eyes and on any blemishes

3. Use mascara to create long lashes

4. Curl hair with an iron for a more dramatic look

5. Create a dramatic eye by applying dark eyeliner, liquid or powder, in the shape of wings at the top and bottom lids 

6. Fill in eyebrows with pencil or powder color that matches natural brows as closely as possible 

Emo Makeup For Girls

Girls have a variety of emo hairstyles to choose from. You can do your hair straight or curly, in braids or ponytails, and with color highlights. For your makeup, you can wear a variety of eyeliner styles. You can do the winged look or go for a more subtle cat eyeliner. For lips, there are so many options to choose from!

Emo hairstyles and makeup for girls step by step

For straight hair: Use an anti frizz serum on wet hair before blow-drying it with a round brush if needed. If you have curly hair, let it dry naturally until slightly damp then use heat protection spray while styling and curling iron as needed  to get desired style/texture

For braids:  If you want to braid your own hair, start out with two strands that aren’t too thick in size (this will make it easier to braid). How you braid your hair is totally up to personal preference and what looks best with the length of your hair.

For a clean ponytail:  It’s easy! Just gather all your hair into one hand and twist it together, then wrap that around itself in a loose knot before pulling through a hole at the back (or front) of the head. Secure it by tucking any stray pieces underneath

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Emo Hairstyles

There are so many different styles when it comes to Emo hair. You can go for long and choppy layers that reach your chin like this one:

Or if you want something more short with bangs try going straight across in front of your face (like these two images below):

But no matter what type of cut or length that suits you best, keeping your hair messy will always give off an edgy vibe.

How to do emo eyeliner

emo eyeliner

1. Brush your eyelid with a black eye pencil to create the base for the makeup

2. Add a thin line of dark blue or purple eye shadow in the crease of your lid, using an angled brush

3. Use a darker brown or black eye shadow in the outer corner of your eyes, again using an angled brush

4. Create winged outlines on both sides by connecting the inner and outer corners 

5. Finish off with mascara and false lashes if desired!

6. You can also do this look without any other makeup – just add some eyeliner and mascara!

7) If you’re feeling really adventurous, use liquid liner instead of pencils to get that intense look  

8) For more dramatic looks like Halloween costumes, try adding white face paint under your brow bone for contrast

Emo Liquid Eyeliner

How to do emo eyeliner: First, pick a liquid liner that is the right color for your skin tone. Generally, dark colors are used when doing an emo look because they highlight and accentuate the eyes. After choosing your makeup base, you can start by drawing small lines up from below your eye in order to create a cat-eye shape on both of your eyelids with one quick swipe. You may want to go back over these steps once or twice more as it creates a thicker line with each pass.


Choose a dark, smokey eye shadow color that’s appropriate for your skin tone and blend it in with the liquid liner so you have a neat line. Then, use an angled brush or your fingertip to lightly cover the inside corner of both eyes with this same hue.

Emo Skin Tones

Emo skin tones are pale and usually match the color of one’s hair. How to make a natural-looking emo makeup? You can use white, beige, or nude-colored eyeshadows as well as some red lipstick. It is important to keep your eyebrows dark for an all-over natural look!

How To Apply Emo Makeup

How To Apply Emo Makeup: * Start by adding a layer of foundation to your skin. You can use concealer if you have any blemishes or need to cover up acne. Use an eyeshadow primer on the lids, and then apply a dark color such as burgundy or black from the lash line to the browbone. Blend in more colors like grayish blue for the crease, as well as purple along with plum shades mixed throughout your lid space. Fill in eyebrows using either brown or black pencils, and complete this look by lining lips with deep red lipstick.*

Tools Needed For Emo Makeup

Pencils: Concealers, eyeliners (liquid and pencil), eye shadow

Brushes:  Angled brushes for eyeshadow application

Liquid Makeup: Foundation, concealer, liquid liner

Lipstick/gloss/lip balm

Mascara and false lashes (optional)

Emo Makeup Warnings

emo makeup warnings

Emo makeup can be a lot of fun but don’t do it if you’re breaking out or your skin is sensitive. It’s also not recommended for people with rosacea and dermatitis. The colors are often so bright that they’ll irritate the skin more than most other types of makeup, hence why those conditions make these individuals unsuitable candidates for emo makeup.

If you have dry skin then using an oil-free moisturizer first will help to condition the area where you apply the color which could prevent flaky patches from forming in some cases! In addition, washing your face regularly (no matter what type of day cream you use) will provide enough natural oils to keep your complexion looking healthy without being obvious about it.

You should also consider using a less saturated color palette if you’re looking to create that natural look. A lot of the colors used in emo makeup are too harsh for skin types such as this and can cause irritation or even breakouts which is what we want to avoid! You might be able to find some palettes online; however, it’s best not to venture out into these stores alone because there will usually be someone on staff who may assist with your needs more accurately than an internet search engine ever could.

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